Dear Lubos,Namaste! Many thanks for your mail and intrest to promote Nepal. Regarding the Situation in Nepal it is normal as before and you can Defind bit more better, cause the Maoist are now some how with the Political parties andthey are only fighting with Security forces, They are not touching to the Normal Nepali and for sure not even for the tourist even not for the political supporters too. so be sure and feel comfort to travel Nepal as a Tourist. as per you mail that to Travel Chitwan and Pokhara is ok to travel any time of you know when is your friend is flying to Nepal and also with how many people.and also you know that what kind of help do we have to do to him,such like pick up from Airport and booking for the hotels and providing the other services.could you please write us. Concering to the new trip to Sikkim and Kathmandu is this trip for this spring? is this trip comming by Drive from Sikkim to Kathmandu, do they spend some time in Chitwan too,, it is safe enough you can do this trip even by flight or Drive. Lubos, few days ago Jozef was writting that in this spring there will be trip India and Nepal. Thank you.My regards to your daughter SARA and your wife, also greetings to your brother also the Jozef and all the friends from BUBO.

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